Alliance laundry systems

An alliance laundry systems solution

Alliance of laundry systems, that is what we call our integrated laundry solutions. These integrated solutions of different laundry systems are created to fit specific needs of our clients.

Why call it alliance laundry systems?

Simple, all machines need to work together in harmony to create a smooth operating laundry process. Laundry is unloaded from trucks and put for instance in large bags to be hung on a laundry rail. This rail consequently drops the laundry in a large tunnel washer. After completion of 14 different chambers and programs, the laundry is extracted from water and brought to a drying system via a conveyor belt. After drying, the laundry is put through ironers and folding machines. 

Thus, in full alliance laundry systems, a lot of laundry machines need to be working together smoothly. To see what kind of machines we offer to form an alliance of laundry systems, check out our laundry machine shop.

Goudkuil carries the largest stock of used industrial laundry machineries in the world! Based on our client's needs we build alliance laundry systems to fit custom laundry plans.

Interested in an alliance of laundry systems?

Goudkuil is happy to help you create your custom alliance of laundry systems. By combining the right washroom technology, flatwork technology and garment technology, we can create a laundry solution just for you and your laundry. Need more information or do you want to schedule a meeting to find out what we can do for you? Contact us now (+31) (0)55 5332023 or click on the 'Make an appointment' button on the right of this page.