Laundry machine

Buying a laundry machine from Goudkuil will be the best decision for you to make. As industrial laundry machine specialist, we offer stand alone washroom, flatwork and garment laundry machines as well as complete customized laundry solutions for our clients.

Laundry machine from Goudkuil

Goudkuil is the world's leading full service supplier in the laundry industry. We provide a vast assortment of washing, drying and ironing laundry machinery. With Goudkuil you have a partner which will supply you with an industrial laundry machine, industrial tumble dryers or even complete tunnel washing and drying laundry machines.

Industrial laundry machine, new, used or rebuilt

As an industrial laundry machine should have a long operating life, if thoroughly maintained, there is a large amount of second-hand laundry machines available. As such, Goudkuil offers a wide range of new, used and even rebuilt machinery. A rebuilt laundry machine from Goudkuil for instance, is considered to be the best second-hand industrial washing machines around. You get an industrial laundry machine such as a washer, an ironer, or dryer for a fair price and in excellent condition.

Our industrial laundry machine offers

Would you like to see what we have to offer you? Take a look at one of the industrial laundry machine categories below and find out:

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