Lavatec laundry machinery

When you think of laundry machinery, you think of Lavatec laundry machinery. Machines built with German expertise using the latest economic and cleanliness standards. Lavatec supplies laundry equipment in several important categories of which washing, water extraction, ironing, transporting and drying are the most applied. 

Goudkuil is one of the world's biggest resellers of Lavatec machinery and as such we invite you to take a look at our products. We offer brand new, used and rebuilt laundry machinery to suit your specific laundry needs. Goudkuil is the international full service laundry industry supplier and specialist in providing custom laundry solutions to their clients.


Lavatec washroom technology

We provide you with a full range of Lavatec machines here at Have a look at our overview of laundry machinery from this wellknown manufacturer: Lavatec Washroom laundry machines. It lists complete tunnel washer systems, water extractors and drying systems.


Lavatec flatwork technology

The brand is expert on flatwork technology including feeders, pickers, ironers lines, beaters and folding machines. Check out their complete offer through Lavatec Flatwork machines. Find your ironers and presses in this section.


Other manufacturers

We sell laundry machinery from several other suppliers. Have a look at all the manufacturers or brands for which we have new, used and rebuilt machiners in stock. You will find laundry machinery by Kannegiesser, Washex, Jensen and Girbau.