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2 x Kannegiesser tunnel washer systems | PT Plus 60-14

Goudkuil number: 000187
Manufacturer: Kannegiesser
Model: PowerTrans PLUS PT 60-14

Goudkuil has available for you 2 x complete tunnel system from Kannegiesser. The systems went into production in 2015 and are in as new condition.

These tunnel washers (CBW’s) are the Power Trans PLUS model, with 14 compartments of 60 kg., and a hourly capacity of ca 1700 kg. per hour. These CBW’s are equipped with Kannegiesser Power Spin PLUS centrifugal extractors (Hydro’s), 2 x elevators, a double shuttle conveyor and 7 x Kannegiesser Power Dry dryers.

These machines are the newest, top of the range PLUS models of Kannegiesser.

Do you need more information about this complete tunnel washer system or are your interested in purchasing this system? Contact us by filling the form below, or by one of the other options on this page.

2 x Tunnel washer

Goudkuil number 000187
Manufacturer Kannegiesser
Model PowerTrans PLUS 60-14
Nr. of compartments 14
Loading capacity 60 Kg
Transfer type BT
Heating Steam
Condition As new

2 x Centrifuge (Hydro extractor)

Goudkuil number 000187-1
Manufacturer Kannegiesser
Model PowerSpin PLUS PS 50
Type High speed extractor
Loading capacity 60 Kg
Condition As new

7 x Dryers

Goudkuil number 000187-2
Manufacturer Kannegiesser
Model PowerDry DII 60 DW-U
Loading capacity 60 Kg
Unloading side Back side
Condition As new

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