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2x Power Trans Plus CBW 2x Power Trans Plus CBW

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2x Power Trans Plus CBW
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Goudkuil, the International Full Service Laundry Industry Supplier

Here at Goudkuil.com, you are at the right address to find all the new, rebuilt or used laundry machines and equipment for your laundry company. We strive towards offering you the best laundry solution for your specific situation. By completely customizing our services and machines, you will be able to offer the best quality and service to your clients.

Full service laundry solutions

We aim to provide custom full service laundry solutions to our clients for which we are able to combine all sorts of machines. We offer complete washroom technology, flatwork technology and garment technology but also offer a large and diverse amount of stand alone machinery to fit your needs.

Goudkuil Washroom Technology

Goudkuil's washroom technology solutions offers you a full range of specific laundry machines, such as complete tunnel washer systems, water extraction machines, washers and tumble dryers. Interested? Have a look at our complete overview of washroom technology solutions.

Flatwork Technology

Goudkuil offers a complete range of flatwork technology machines. In addition to offering full service solutions with complete ironer lines, you can buy your laundry preparation machines, feeders, ironers and folders with us. Interested? Have a look at our flatwork technology solutions.

Garment Technology

For more specific laundry we offer several garment technology machines such as ironing presses, combination cabinet units, tunnel finishers and several garment folders. Have a look at our complete range of garment technology solutions.

Sell your machines to us

We are happy to buy your old laundry machines. Find out more about selling your machines.

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