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International industrial laundry supplier since 1912

History of Goudkuil

Machinefabriek Goudkuil Apeldoorn B.V. was founded over 100 years ago, back in 1912, as a laundry machinery repair service in the Apeldoorn area in the Netherlands. The region soon sprouted many laundries each taking advantage of the excellent quality and softness of the water from the network of small canals that crossed the area.

Goudkuil the manufacturer

During the second world war Goudkuil began to manufacture new laundry machinery. As it were very difficult times and there was a shortage of raw materials, they devoted more energy towards buying used equipment from laundries for rebuilding and selling in their own workshop. Till today, this is one of the major activities of Goudkuil.

International laundry industry supplier

By the 1950’s Goudkuil was selling new machinery and used and rebuilt machinery all over the Netherlands, where at that time around 1500 laundries where established. Owing to rationalization in the 1960’s this number was reduced to around 250, making it necessary for Goudkuil to develop an export market. At this very moment, Goudkuil is one of the major partners in the global laundry industry.

Goudkuil became famous in the laundry industry by purchasing globally, manufacturing or rebuilding in the Netherlands and selling laundry machinery to all the countries in the world.

Due to many years of experience in the laundry industry, the people at Goudkuil have built up a great knowledge regarding the efficient internal processes in laundries. As a service to our customers, we provide assistance to our customers, in order to reduce labor cost as much as possible.

Goudkuil today

The Goudkuil production program consists of the complete range of machines you need in your laundry. From very small capacities to huge ones! All the machines you need can be bought with Goudkuil. The Goudkuil premises in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, provide modern production facilities. The world largest stock of laundry machineries of over 20.000 sqm. helps Goudkuil to be able to offer the right product to every customer!

At this very moment, Goudkuil exports her machines to countries all over the world! Her customers are active in laundries, dry-cleaning companies, hotels, hospitals and other facilities where many textile is being cleaned.

Interested in doing business with Goudkuil? We are happy to provide you with the information you need. Contact us. 

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