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Jensen Group

Jensen laundry machines

Goudkuil sells used, refurbished and new jensen machines. 

The Jensen Group, as how is the Jensen factories are known at the moment, exist out of the original Jensen factory, and was later joined by Senking GmbH.

The Jensen company is specialised in producing feeding machines, ironers and folding machines. The Senking product lines consist of tunnel washers, SEP membrane presses and DT dryers. Jensen delivers complete laundry installations, even including tunnel finishers.

Today Jensen GmbH produces their complete range of machinery mainly in Germany, and more and more they are moving their production to China.

Jensen produced their first folding machine back in 1960, and later delivered complete ironer lines with the Jensen feeding machines, the Jensen ironers and Jensen folding machines, all under the Jensen brand. The Senking company was purchased in 1998.

Known for their excellent design of their Jensen feeders ironers and folders, together with their reliable Senking tunnel washers presses and dryers, the reliability and design of their equipment is top notch.

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