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Kannegiesser Gmbh.

Kannegiesser laundry machines

Goudkuil sells used, refurbished and new Kannegiesser machines.

Kannegiesser GmbH, located in Germany is one of the market leaders in the building of industrial laundry machines today.

Kannegiesser GmbH delivers a full range of laundry machines, from tunnel washers, membrane presses, dryers, feeding machines,
ironers, folding machines, tunnel finishers, garment folders to towel folders and many more.

Kannegiesser GmbH produces its machines in Germany, with their head office located in Vlotho.

Since 1948 until now, the Kannegiesser GmbH company has been growing both in knowledge and capabilities into the position where there are today.

Kannegiesser GmbH aims on automation in the laundry industry and is chasing their goal not by only investing in automation in the machines they produce, but also by investing in automation in their own production process.

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