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Lavatec Gmbh.

Lavatec laundry machines

Goudkuil sells new, used and refurbished lavatec machines. 

Lavatec Gmbh. is an original German company located in Heilbronn, Germany. Lavatec was one of the first German factories to distribute their industrial tunnel systems worldwide.

Lavatec is known for their LT tunnel washers, LP membrane presses, and TT and FL dryers and one of the most renown large capacity washer extractors: the Lavatec LX.

Lavatec Gmbh. is located in Heilbronn, Germany and was founded back in 1986.

The Lavatec product range is known for  timeless designs and a strong build. Lavatec changed the world of industrial laundry machinery into what it is today.

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