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Top-quality machines for industrial laundries

Goudkuil is the place to go for used, revised, and new laundry machines and accessories. We aim to offer the optimal solution for your laundry, both when it comes to the machines themselves, as well as the corresponding service. Our company was founded in 1912 and only delivers top-quality machines.

Used laundry machines

Opting for a used machine can result in significant savings. That’s why it is no surprise that Goudkuil has gained a great number of international customers.

Goudkuil has an extensive assortment of laundry machines by all reputable brands, including Kannegiesser, Jensen, and Lavatec. You can gain access to tunnel washers, wringers, and dryers quickly if you submit a request to us. We make sure the machines are delivered anywhere in the world.

Revised laundry machines

The generally young, used machines we purchase are thoroughly inspected during their revision in our machine factory. Any actions required to keep them in proper working order are inventoried and performed, and any worn parts are replaced.

Our spray department then ensures the machine looks good as new when delivered. If necessary, our team can also take care of transport and on-site installation. The combination of the above guarantees machines that can be used for years to come.

Used Kannegiesser machines

Goudkuil sells used, revised, and new Kannegiesser machines.

Kannegiesser, a company located in Germany, has become one of the market leaders in the production of industrial laundry machines. Kannegiesser carries a full-fledged assortment of tunnel washers, membrane presses, dryers, feeders, ironers, tunnel finishers, garment and towel folders, and much more.

Kannegiesser produces its machines in Germany; the company’s headquarters are situated in Vlotho. Since its founding in 1948, Kannegiesser GmbH has grown in both knowledge and capacity to gain the leading position it currently occupies in the market.

Kannegiesser strives for further automation of the laundry industry. They invest in the automation of the machines they produce with the goal of reducing the number of manual actions required. On top of that, they also invest in automating their own production process.

Used Jensen machines

The Jensen Group, as Jensen is nowadays known, consists of the original Jensen factory, which was later joined by Senking GmbH.

Jensen traditionally specialized in the production of feeders, wringers, and folders. Nowadays, their product lines also include tunnel washers, SEP membrane presses, and DT dryers. On top of that, Jensen also offers complete laundry installations, including tunnel finishers.

Nowadays, Jensen GmbH primarily produces its machine range in Germany, though part of the production is being outsourced to China.

Jensen produced their first folder in 1960 and later supplied complete ironing lines with Jensen feeders, ironers, and folders. Jensen acquired Senking in 1998.

Jensen is known for the excellent design of its feeders, wringers, and folders. On top of that, Jensen produces reliable Senking tunnel washer and press or dryer combinations, which means this manufacturer only delivers top-quality appliances.

Used Lavatec machines

Goudkuil sells new, used, and revised Lavatec machines.

Lavatec GmbH. is a German company located in Heilbronn, Germany. The company was founded in 1986. Lavatec was one of the first German companies to distribute their industrial tunnel systems worldwide.

Lavatec is known for its LT tunnel washers, LP membrane presses, TT and FL dryers, and one of the most well-known high-capacity laundry machines: the Lavatec LX. The Lavatec product assortment is known for its timeless designs and robust construction. Lavatec has helped make the world of industrial laundry machines what it is today.

Purchasing used laundry machines

Do you want to sell your used laundry machines because your company is growing or because the machines have reached the end of their lifecycle? Since we specialize in revision, we are always looking for (tunnel) washers, membrane presses, wringers, and dryers for our workplace. We will take care of the removal and transport of the machine, so you can have your new appliances installed quickly.

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