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We are always looking for used machines

Selling your machines

At Goudkuil we know that our clients will need to buy new laundry machinery such as tunnel washers or tumble dryers at some point in their business cycle. This could be due to growth in your client base and you have to increase production capacity or because of machinery could not cope with new industry standards. Old laundry machinery will then become obsolete as it has to make way for the new laundry system. 

Buying old laundry machines

Goudkuil is always interested in buying these old laundry machines from you and making a good offer for the old equipment. We are specialists in reconditioning old machines and are always looking for used machines for our workshop. Our specialists will take care of dismantling the machinery so you could quickly enjoy your new laundry equipment without the hassle of getting rid of the old.

Information about selling laundry machines to us

Get in touch with us in order to receive information about selling laundry machines to us. Goudkuil is able to help you with the complete process of buying your old equipment, dismantling the machines and shipping them. In addition, we are of course happy to offer you our range of new laundry equipment to replace your old machines.

Please fill out the information requested below and mention the type and year of construction in the comments box. This will help us assisting you as soon as possible.

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