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Here at Goudkuil.com, you are at the right address to find all the second hand, rebuilt or new laundry machines and equipment for your laundry company. We strive towards offering you the best laundry solution for your specific situation. By completely customizing our services and machines, you will be able to offer the best quality and service to your clients.


Saudi Arabia

Goudkuil supplied washer extractors and ironer lines to Saudi Arabia for hospital laundries and the hospitality industry. Over the last years, our Arabian customers bring a yearly visit to our factory in Apeldoorn where we inspect new laundry equipment and to discuss developments. After preparing machines in our workshop, Goudkuil engineers visit Saudi Arabia to assist the customers with the start-up of the machines.


Goudkuil delivered a great variety of laundry machines to our Belgian customer. We delivered a tunnel washer and an ironer line to make sure that their laundry could reach the capacity of 10.000 kg. per day. In consultation with our customer, we put everything in place for flawless daily operation. After preparing the machinery at our factory in Apeldoorn, we sent out our engineers to Belgium to assist the customer with the start up.


Goudkuil delivered a complete ironer line for the hotel and restaurant laundries in Australia. The laundries have a capacity of 750 kg. per hour. The machines are in great condition, and are up and running as if they are new.

The Netherlands

In our first years, Goudkuil only shipped in The Netherlands before going international. Nowadays Goudkuil delivers all over the world. In the Netherlands, we delivered dozens machines to laundries all over the country with capacities up to 12.000 kg. a day. We continue to have excellent relationships with the owners of the laundries.


In Northern Germany we supplied a tunnel washer and two ironer lines for the hotel industry. We made sure that these used machines were inspected firmly before they went on transport, as we always do. In consultation with the customer, it’s always a possibility to recondition the machines so they are as new before they go on transport.

Baltic states

Most of the machines we sent to our business clients in the Baltic states are used for the hospitality industry. We supplied to laundries with a capacity varying between 10.000 kg. and 30.000 kg. per day. We delivered a tunnel washer, press, dryers and ironer lines including feeders, ironers and folding machinery.


Goudkuil supplied a broad variety of machinery to our customers in Brazil. All machines are still running in the laundries and make sure the laundries achieve a capacity 30.000 kg. per day.


We supplied machines to our customer in Florida, USA. The goal they had was to wash up to 30.000 kg. a day. After preparing the machines in our workshop, Goudkuil engineers visited the customer to assist with the start-up of the machines.


We delivered 2 x Jensen ironers at one of the biggest laundries in Las Vegas

New York

We provided several pieces of industrial laundry equipment in the New York area


Complete laundry, including 2 x complete tunnel washing systems, ironers lines and towel folders. For a daily capacity of 70.000 pounds of hotel linen.


Complete laundry, including a complete tunnel washing system, including press and dryers. Hourly production of 1500 kg. per hour.


Over the years, Goudkuil delivered many machines to our customers in Argentina. The laundries we supply have capacities up to 50.000 kg. a day. Our goal is always to ensure customer satisfaction with the delivered products by checking them thoroughly before we send it off and making sure that the machinery is ready for flawless operation.


Goudkuil delivered a broad variety of machinery to China/Xiamen. Most of the laundries we have shipped our machines to have a capacity of 20.000 kg. a day. These machines are mostly used for the hospitality industry. We sent to our friends 2x tunnel washers and 2x ironer lines, which are still operating.


In Taiwan we supplied four 200 kg. washer extractors and two ironer lines. These machines help to achieve their goal namely of washing 10.000 kg. a day. These machines are used for the hotel industry. Following the inspection in our workshop, we made sure that our engineers made the machines ready for operation on site.


Goudkuil also delivers complete laundries, like we did for our customer in the Philippines. We supplied a complete laundry including a tunnel system with a press, dryers and an ironer line with feeder, ironer and folding machine. After receiving the machines in our factory located in Apeldoorn, we inspected the machines together before they went of for transport and to make it ready for operation.


Goudkuil delivered dozens of washer extractors to our customers in Vietnam. We supplied 24 washer extractors with a capacity of 250 kg., 12 dryers and 12 pants presses for jeans production. As always, we made sure that the machines were in great condition and ready to operate.


Goudkuil supplied many machines to our friends in India. They use our laundry machines for the hotel industry. We delivered four ironer lines, which were delivered completely reconditioned and ready for operation. Occasionally we visit our customer to make sure everything goes well.


For our client in Russia, we supplied three ironer lines for a laundry in the railroad industry. The desired capacity of the laundry machines we delivered was 15.000 kg. a day. We made sure that the machines were ready for operation upon transport. Our engineers assisted on site to make the machines ready for operation.


For our customers in England, we delivered a complete laundry which has a washing capacity of 30.000 kg. a day. We also supplied two Senking tunnelwashers, two ironer lines and four Milnor washer extractors. After the inspection in our workshop, we made sure that our engineers had the machines ready for operation on site.

Northern Ireland

We delivered a complete laundry for mats to our customers in Northern Ireland, which include a tunnel washer with a capacity of 50 kg. with membrane and gas heated dryers. These machines have a capacity of 1000 kg. per hour.


Goudkuil supplied a complete laundry for mats which include a loading system, two Lavatec washer extractors 200 kg, two gas heated Lavatec system dryers and a conveyor system for unloading. The laundry has a washing capacity of 400 kg. per hour.


Goudkuil has a broad variety of customers in Finland. We send dozens of machines to our customers all over the country. 


For our customer in Sweden, we delivered completely reconditioned machines.


Goudkuil delivered a complete ironer line of Kannegiesser and Lapauw to our clients in Chili. The washing capacity of the laundry is 500kg. per hour. We made sure that our clients received the best machines for their business. We inspected the machines in our workshop, before we sent it on transport.


For a family business in Guatemala, we sent two 3300 litre high extractor washer extractors for drying of jeans. With our machines, the family can give their customers the best quality.


We send reconditioned machines to our client in Turkey: two complete tunnel systems that helps the laundry to achieve their goal, which is 30.000 kg. per day. Our customer is specialized in hotel linen.


For a family business in Romania, we delivered a complete laundry, which includes an ironer line, washer extractors and dryers. Our customer is using the machines for hotel linen. After preparing  the machines in our workshop, Goudkuil engineers visited Romania to assist the customer with the start-up of the machines.


We supplied a complete laundry including a tunnel system, washer extractor and two gas ironer lines. The machines that we sent to our friends were in an excellent reconditioned state.


For our customers in Greece, we delivered machines that will help the washing of the linen coming from the Harbour. We sent tunnel systems, membrane presses and many dryers to Greece. The laundry has a washing capacity of 5.000 Kg. per hour.


For our customer in Portugal, we supplied two 3.300 litre washer extractors for the washing and painting of jeans. Most of the times, we let our customers come to Apeldoorn to inspect the machines what we can offer. After inspection we take care of the machines and ensure that the customer will get excellent reconditioned machines.


For our clients in Spain, we supplied several complete tunnel finishers withy capacities up to 1.500 pcs per hour. After inspection, we made the machines look like and work like new. With our machines, the client can supply the best quality to their customers.


When one of our new clients is interested in one of our machines, most of the time we invite them to come to the Netherlands to inspect the possibility what we have for the client. For our latest customer in France we supplied tunnel systems with a capacity of 1.500kg per hour. In consultation with the customer, we totally reconditioned the machine.


In Austria we have many loyal customers, mostly in the hospitality industry. Because of our broad product range in The Netherlands, a swift delivery is always possible.

South Africa

In South Africa we installed a tunnel washing system and ironer line for hospital laundry in Cape Town with a capacity of 1.500 kgs p/h.  In Johannesburg we delivered two tunnel washers & tunnel finishers for work clothes with a capacity of 3000 kgs p/h.

Melbourne, Australia

Gouddkuil delivered a Kannegiesser ironer line that processes ca. 600 pcs. hotel linen per hour for the growing laundry industry in Australia.

Our latest offers:

Kannegiesser ironer line, EMQ, HPM, SFM

Manufacturer: Kannegiesser
Model: EMQ, HPM, SFM

Second hand, Kannegiesser ironer line, existing out of three machines.

Kannegiesser ironer line | 2 x 900 mm x 3000 mm

Manufacturer: Kannegiesser
Model: 2 x 900 mm x 3000 mm

Complete steam heated ironer line by Kannegiesser. This ironer line consists of three machines.

Kannegiesser tunnel washer | PT+ 75-18

Manufacturer: Kannegiesser
Model: PT+ 75-18

Two Kannegiesser tunnel washers (Power Trans Plus model) with 18 compartments and 75 kg. loading capacity each.

Kannegiesser tunnel washer PT 40-10

Manufacturer: Kannegiesser
Model: PT 40 – 10

With hydro extractor Power Spin, in very good condition. Comes with a belonging Kannegiesser hydro extractor, both 40 kg. loading capacity.

Lapauw ironer | 3 roll x 1200mm x 3300mm

Manufacturer: Lapauw
Model: 3 x 1200 x 3300

Steam heated ironer with 3 rolls, a roll diameter of 1.200 mm. and a working width of 3.300 mm. This used Lapauw ironer is in an excellent condition.

Jensen ironer | 2 roll x 1200mm x 3300mm

Manufacturer: Jensen
Model: 2 x 1200 x 3300

Steam heated Jensen ironer. The ironer has 2 rolls with a roll diameter of 1.200 mm. and a working width of 3.300 mm. This used Jensen ironer is in a good condition.

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