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Go green with Goudkuil

Buying used machines is doing the right thing for our planet. 

This page explains how much co2 pollution can be saved by purchasing a second hand (reconditioned) tunnel washer and membrane press, and what quality can be expected.

Goudkuil is a reknown name in the laundry industry, and is known as the market leader in the supply of second hand industrial laundry machinery. Goudkuil is specialised in the reconditioning of second hand industrial laundry machines, and possesses such outstanding knowledge, that second hand reconditioned machines, can be delivery in better then new condition. 

What is less known in laundries today, is that 40 tonnes of Co2 pollution is created during the production of a new tunnel washer and membrane press. This 40 tonnes of Co2 pollution can be saved, by purchasing a second hand industrial tunnel washer and press, instead of new.

To place it into perspective; 40 tonnes of Co2 equals a person to do;

  • 240.000 km driving in an average diesel car
  • 320 flights from Amsterdam to Londen
  • 60 years of breathing,
  • 4x average European households in a year

To encourage laundries over the world to help saving the environment, Goudkuil is launching its 2023 Cleaning Green campaign. How many tonnes of Co2 are you going to save the environment in 2023?

‘Better than new’ explained

Since 1912, Goudkuil is active in the reconditioning of industrial laundry machines. The knowledge was passed on over the years from generation to generation, what results in advanced technical craftmanship. The term “better than new” is often being used in the old family company, and it is not being misused so it seems.

Back in the day

Before the tunnel washer was introduced, and the 200 kg. washer extractors filled up the workshop, problems created by vacuum that existed by high extraction forces were solved by applying  extra air channels that were made in the outside drum.


Membrane presses can be complicated hydraulic machines. Hydraulic pressure build up in the membrane presses can result to problems with the oil filter. Goudkuil builds in as a standard extra air valves in front of the oil filter what prevents technical problems, and extends the lifetime of the oil filter.

Development in cost cutting in the building of industrial ironers, resulted in a building trent with high replacements costs of parts. With mechanical adjustments Goudkuil is bringing the ironers back in an original, back in the day, strong as a horse, condition what makes Goudkuil’s reconditioned ironers stronger then the ironers that are being built new today. ‘Better than new’.

Interested in more information around the purchase of used industrial laundry machines? Contact Goudkuil by clicking here.

Are you interested in how the purchase of second hand laundry machines leads to a saving of many tonnes of Co2 production per year? Please contact us by calling 0031 55 533 2023.

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