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Complete Jensen ironer line | 4 x 800 mm x 3000 mm

Goudkuil number: 000157
Manufacturer: Jensen
Model: 4 x 800 mm x 3000 mm

Beautiful 4 roll ironer by Jensen. This ironer line consist out of the following machines:

1 pc Jensen Basic vacuum feeder
1 pc. Jensen EX 8 ironer
1 pc. Jensen Olympic 4 lane folder

This ironer line is now available for purchase!!

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Feeding machine

Goudkuil number 00057
Manufacturer Jensen
Model Basic
Feeding type Vacuum
Working width 3.000 mm.
Condition Good second hand


Goudkuil number 000157-1
Manufacturer Jensen
Model EX8
Nr. of rolls 4
Roll diameter 800 mm.
Working width 3.000 mm.
Heating Steam
Condition Good second hand

Folding machine

Goudkuil number 000157-2
Manufacturer Jensen
Model Several folding machines available
Unloading side
Working width 3.000 mm.

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