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Jensen dryers | 2x DT60

Goudkuil number: 000461
Manufacturer: Jensen Senking
Model: DT 60, 2x

With this excellent set of dryers as part of a complete laundry, you can make you drying system suitable for bot sheets and towels.

This set of dryers exists out of the following machines: 2 x Senking dryers DT 60 Gas heated.
The dryers are second hand, in functioning condition. The dryers can be purchased per piece, as a set, or as an combination with a tunnel washer and press.

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The laundry exists of the following machines:

Ironer Line
Jensen Logic 2000 (feeder)
Jensen EXPG 2000 (Ironer) GAS
Jensen Classic S (Folder)
Jenstack Max (large piece stacker

Jensen DH 1250 125 kg
Electrolux W3400 H 40 kg
Danube WED 120 ET
IPSO HF 234 23 kg
Electrolux FLE 125 FC 9,2 kg
Electrolux FLE 125 FC 9,2 kg

Senking DT 60 GAS
Senking DT 60 GAS
Tilt & Lift for 2 X DT 60-240
IPSO DR 55 S2 23 kg
IPSO DR 55 S2 23 kg
Electrolux T 3650 34 kg
Boilers Gas heated
Jumag DG 360 (boiler 1)
Jumag DG 360 ( boiler 2)

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