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Kannegiesser tunnel washer+Centrifuge | P50-10

Goudkuil number: 000214
Manufacturer: Kannegiesser
Model: P50-10

Now available, a Kannegiesser  tunnel washer 10 compartments 50 kg with belonging Kannegiesser centrifuge. The tunnel washer has a loading capacity of 50 kg each charge and 10 compartments.
The model of this tunnel washer is P50 – 10, and this tunnel washer comes with a Centrifuge PS+ 50 INT NT.

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Tunnel washer

Goudkuil number 000214
Manufacturer Kannegiesser
Model P 50-10
Nr. of compartments 10
Loading capacity 50 kg.
Transfer type
Condition Exellent


Goudkuil number 000214-1
Manufacturer Kannegiesser
Model PS+50 INT NT
Loading capacity 50 kg.
Condition Exellent

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