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SENKING Continuous Batch Washer P90-12 & centrifugal extractor

Goudkuil number: 000453
Manufacturer: Jensen/Senking
Model: P90-12 & Z 1400

SENKING Continuous Batch Washer P90-12

In Universal version
•   Washing process in standing baths for high flexibility
•   Drum design according to the archimedean principle for full use of the drum volume
•   with eccentric, wash board-shaped helix – Senking patent – provides excellent mechanical action
•   a combined single/double drum version
•   PLC cont rol, PC-ass isted for visualisation with integrated bus System for all components
Bus System for all components

Technical details
Number of compartments: 12 pcs Loading capacity: 90 kg comp .
Hourly output at 30 minutes washtime 2160 kg/h


High -capacity centrifugal extractor for installation behind continuous batch washers

•   only two drum positions for loading/ extraction and unloading for short cycle times
•   large loading door for easy and fast loading
•   large drum depth and large drum diameter to achieve a flat linen cake for very low moisture retention values
•   large perforated drum surface for lowest moisture retention
•   with multiple parallel systems for unbalance equalizing

Technical data
batch size : 100 kg
minimum cycle time:
polyester/cotton: 2,5 min
cotton: 3 min
drum volume: 1300 dm 3
drum diameter: 1420 mm
drum depth: 887 mm
loading door : 990 mm

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