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Tonello washer extractors | HS 330

Goudkuil number: 000411
Manufacturer: Tonello
Model: HS 330

These Tonello washer extractors are now available for purchase! The Tonello washer extractors have a drum volume of 3300 liter and can be offered with fitting dryers.

We currently have 3 Tonello HS 330 washer extractors available in stock. They can be offered reconditioned, or in as is condition.

Looking for a dryer next to you Tonello washer extractor? Have a look at: https://www.goudkuil.com/product/trivineta-drying-system/.

Would you like more information or are you interested in buying one or more of these machines? Contact us by filling the form below, or by one of the other options on this page.


Goudkuil number 000411
Manufacturer Tonello
Model HS 330
Loading capacity 330 kg. laundry
Heating Steam
Condition Second hand or reconditioned

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