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Used laundry machinery and rebuilt laundry machinery

Machines for any need

Goudkuil carries the largest stock of used industrial laundry machineries in the world! We offer you two types of conditions, rebuilt or reconditioned, and used or ‘As Is’. Based on your needs we are happy to inform you about our options and show you what we have in stock.

Rebuilt laundry machines

You are selecting equipment from the existing Goudkuil stock. The machine(s) will be brought to our workshop, where they will be complete disabled until only the frame is left. The frame will be painted in the original color or in the chosen color. After this the machine will be build up again and all moving parts will be replaced by new. Depending on agreement and state of the control it will be maintained and otherwise it will be replaced by a neew modern control. After this the machine will be tested and made ready for transport. Goudkuil is delivering the rebuild machines with a warranty of 1 year on all mechanical parts, ½ year on all electrical parts.

Used laundry machines

It is also possible to purchase a machine “as-is” from our warehouse or “as it is still running” in the laundry of one of our customers. In this case, modifications will not be done by Goudkuil. When you choose machines from our warehouse Goudkuil is able to support you with the installation of the machines. When the machines are still running Goudkuil is able to support you with disconnecting, organizing transport and installation.

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